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Report title: Port Projects and Related Investments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Included: 28 speaker presentations from the Latin America Ports Forum Panama

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Published by Industry Exchange LLC

Author: Raul Ferro

Report language: Spanish

Publication Date: September 2016

Pages: 16

With the news and events expected as a consequence of Brexit, the upcoming elections in the United States, and the Panama Canal expansion, the wheels of change are in motion.  World trade patterns, the global supply chain, the maritime routes and also the port business are all affected. In parallel, there is a portfolio of port projects in Latin America worth several billion dollars in investment that includes both greenfield and brownfield as well as projects under construction or in the blueprint.
Industry Exchange prepared a report on these projects including the investment expected at each one, the kind of port, the respective development stage, and other key information. The report will include an analysis on current trade and traffic data for Latin America and the Caribbean and an outlook for the port business and related investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Publication date: September 2016

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The author: Raúl Ferro, former Editorial Director at Dow Jones’ AmericaEconomía, Business Intelligence Director at Business News Americas (BNamericas).  For more than 25 years, Raul has developed industry research on several industries in Latin America, including infrastructure, mining and energy, both public and customized.

Latin America Ports Forum 2016 - Sheraton Grand Hotel - Panama City, Panama

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